Joshua Gillespie

Web Designer/Developer

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My name is Joshua Gillespie, and I am a web designer/front-end developer from St. Louis, Missouri. I am enthusiastic about designing and coding websites, and I enjoy learning new things.

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Design Concept

Minimalism is a design principle with a simplicity that makes sense visually. Here, less equals more, using the barest essential elements to maximum effect.

Made with Adobe Illustrator.

Please take a look at some of the work I have done on my portfolio page.

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My wife is a published author in China. She has written a motivational book about learning the English language. In 2013, I made a simple Flash site to help her promote her book. In 2014 I updated the site into a modern, responsive website for the release of her second book. You can see it at the link below.

Living in China

I had such a great time during my first visit to China that my wife and I decided to put our careers on hold to stay there in 2013-2014. We lived with my wife's parents and spent our time backpacking through the country. It was an amazing experience.

I put together a Wordpress blog about the experience which can be viewed here.


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