About Me

I was born in the Rocky Mountains of Montana but I call St. Louis Missouri my home. I am happily married to my wonderful wife, who is native Chinese, and I am enjoying the prospects of learning a new and difficult language.

I have ten years experience in the printing industry making pre-paid gift cards. Changes in the economy motivated me to continue my education and seek a career change. I have a lifelong interest in art and design as well as an interest in technology. My experience with computers led me down the road to choosing web design/development as a new career. It was tough going back to school after such a long time, but I made it and put in a lot of effort to learn new things.

I got married in November, 2010.
I enjoy hiking and mountain biking.

I like to build my own computers.

I try to visit one of Missouri's many rivers at least once a year.

My first trip to China

Being married to a native Chinese has certainly made my life more interesting. After graduating, I was able to spend some time in China doing some sight seeing and visiting my in-laws' hometown for the first time. I also had a traditional Chinese wedding, which was quite interesting. It was great to have some in-depth experience with a culture so different than what I am used to.

I spent 12 jet lagged hours in a photography studio.

Living in China

I had such a great time during my first visit to China that my wife and I decided to put our careers on hold to stay there in 2013-2014. We lived with my wife's parents and spent our time backpacking through the country. It was an amazing experience.

I put together a Wordpress blog about the experience which can be viewed here.


Here I am offering my new mother a cup of tea.

This was my first time in a real Chinese village.